Thursday, June 26, 2014

Philippine Prudential Scammers (aren’t who you think)

So I’m on my way home to Marikina when, after getting out of Rustan’s, Gateway and going down the escalator that goes to the FX queue at Aurora Boulevard, a group of corporately dressed individuals (sort of) ganged me up. The initial question they had was “Sir, may credit card ka na ba?” and time and again, they would ask me every time I passed that spot; on this day, however, someone came up to me and said “Sir, may tatanong lang ako, di kita bebentahan” and then asked me about my shirt that had [Malolos Bayan] written all over it. I just answered a couple of questions (some of them got personal), then, at the moment that they asked if I’d be interested in free stuff, I told them that I had to go.

Upon searching mall scams over the internet (because them people piqued my interest), I came across a lot of results regarding budol-budol (a form of modus that uses hypnosis), salisi (attention diverting scam, almost illusory), and healthcare and insurance scams. In the Philippines, scams aren’t such a new thing. A scam story is just like another break up story but instead of losing your jowa, you lose money. Sometimes, though, we fail to see through the scam and who’re actually behind it.

In my search, I found out that the leading name when it came to insurance scams was Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company (PPLIC). I have a friend who works at Philippine Prudential for an entry level post. He says that all Philippine Prudential direct product sales are based on the office. Conclusion? These mall rats might not be direct employees of PPLIC.

PPLIC does NOT give out giveaways to their clients. They would sometimes give contribution rebates, family and group discounts, and extra benefits for premium paying clients but never would they give umbrellas, cars, trip-for-two vacations, or college scholarships unlike what they promise you at malls. Malamang niyan, ang mga ahente sa malls ay 3rd party sales na gumigimik gamit ang freebies para maka benta. I can’t blame ‘em though, sales is hard. Although I can’t say that I should blame PPLIC, too.

Abangan!! Next time, I am out to actually engage these “agents” to see how far they’d go to sell me something. Kayo ba, sa tingin niyo, who can we trust when it comes to Insurance?

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